Wednesday, April 8, 2015

To Sell Marijuana Or Not, That Is The Question.

The Oregon Legislature is considering  the adoption of a plan to allow already existing medical-marijuana dispensaries to temporarily sell cannabis products to adults 21 and when  recreational marijuana becomes legal July 1, under measure 91.

The proposal was brought to the table by Republican Senator Ted Ferrioli (John Day) as a potential solution to the problem of where to buy cannabis while the Oregon Liquor Control Commission (OLCC) begins implementing licenses for recreational growers, processors and dispensaries.

OLCC chairman Rob Patridge has admitted that the licensing process is not likely to be finished until late 2016, even on into 2017—more than a year after measure 91 allows for recreational cannabis possession and consumption in Oregon. The OLCC ‘s time frame and reasoning for it have been questioned considerably by the joint committee on marijuana in Oregon.

The Willamette Week quoted Sen. Ginny Burdick (D-Portland), who chairs the House-Senate committee on legal weed~
"I don't know that we can pull this off," Burdick says, "but I think the concept is a good one. It would allow people to get marijuana without going through other channels that might be illegal."
My personal opinion is that this proposal may sound awesome, and is definitely a possible solution, but Oregonians need to beware and remain vigilant. This could be a short sited set up to merge medical and recreational dispensaries~

Photo: Tom Burns via CelebStoner
We know from #‎BurnsGate -Where the OLCC Fired Oregon Pot Czar Tom Burns for Leaking a Document, Then Lying About It that there was a plot being formed showing the OLCC planned for greater control of medical weed.- this could still happen if we aren’t careful, and prepared.

The state of Oregon wants nothing more than to surpress the black market in anyway possible, which is of course agreeable, as is the point of taxation which supports Oregon's economy- benefitting all residents, not just cannabis consumers.

However, we cannot allow this to move too rapidly. In the drive for the best marketplace we cannot become short-sited and hurried in finding a solution that fits best, we all know people want to buy weed, but we have to think of everything- If this is allowed, then we have to make sure that we dont lose rights as OMMP patients.

Sunday, January 18, 2015

Stop Bitching & Start A Revolution

Speaking in front of our local community last night at the Fundraiser For Baby Thomas at The Other Spot was different than previous public speaking and activism has been in the past. Tonight we all came together to raise money for a family that has lost a child to cancer. I had no idea what to say as this story did not have a happy ending~ So, I chose to speak about Parents 4 Pot.

I chose to speak about the activist group I had a part in founding, because I couldn't stop thinking of the thousands of families across this nation who are watching their children die tonight. It breaks my heart and brings tears to my eyes when I think that as we have the chance to live in a state where Cannabis is not stigmatized and persecuted as it is in other areas of our county, others do not, and these people suffer terribly because of it.

We as parents were lucky to live in Oregon when we chose to treat Mykayla with Cannabis oil. In some states I would be a memory as I sat behind a cell door... It is sad to see that this country, nicknamed "The Land of the Free" is really anything but. We should stop calling this country- The United states, as our states are not really united at all. We all realistically live in separate little countries within one large map. When it comes to Cannabis, it depends on where you live within the lines as to whether or not you suffer consequences for personal choice.

Prohibition no longer means that just hippies get locked up and/or shady pot dealers go to jail-  Real families are destroyed by these laws, children suffer unnecessarily from disease or losing a parent to the system. Parents across the country see hopeful and empowering stories on their nightly news coming from Oregon, Washington, Colorado, etc. about children recovering from all manner of debilitating conditions with the use of Medical Marijuana. These are beautiful stories, they warm the heart and give us a new platform from which to fight.

But- What do these stories really mean other than pipe dreams for people who cannot afford to put bread on the table? These families are broke because they have to pay every last damn dollar earned to hospitals for horrible drugs that incapacitate their children and slowly poison them. I feel that change is happening yes, but it is not happening fast enough. I am smart enough to know that Cannabis in not a cure all. I also know that not every life will be saved just by giving some potent THC oil. What I am trying to say is this-  We need to know more.

We need to answer the "what-ifs" and "Hows" - and the only way to do this is to End Prohibition- thus allowing for for personal use, scientific research and general acceptance. We need to stop bitching and start a revolution.

Parents 4 Pot is not just a group- It is an idea. It is an idea that lives inside everyone of us. We came together to give a piece of ourselves to the community that needs us- We came together to provide the support network needed by parents across this country and abroad- We are here to stand up and speak out where others cannot or will not- Public Activism is not for everyone, yet everyone has their part. We are all a part of this fight together- Parents 4 Pot was built by multiple generations of activist who have a part in the evolution of the cannabis freedom movement. We cannot stand idly by while others live in fear of losing everything they know when they choose to go above and beyond standard ideas and commonly accepted principles.

The children that we call "CannaKids" are the tipping point in the acceptance of Cannabis. These children are part of families- and families like the one we rallied around last night need us. We are here for them.

To the members of the cannabis community- remember to appreciate what we have gained so far - and do not forget where we have come from, we must remain diligent and steadfast because our fight is far from over.

Prohibitions existence is dependent on humanities acceptance of it solely. We as a people cannot allow unjust laws to create suffering and inequality that affects those without a voice. Our children need us, our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters, aunts, uncles and grandparents need us to stand up for what is right- I say lets not let them down.

Let's give our children something to talk about when we are dead and gone!

#Parents4Pot #EndingProhibitionOneFamilyAtATime #StandUpSpeakOutFightBack


Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Oregon Candidate For Senator Says Yes to Cannabis, No to GMOs

Currently in Oregon there are two hot topic measures that seem to be drawing in record amounts of voters from all walks of life. One is Measure 91, which is basically the legalization of recreational cannabis for adults 21 and over; it allows the possession, manufacture, sale of marijuana by/to adults, subject to state licensing, regulation and taxation. The second is Measure 92, the GMO-food labeling bill; it requires food manufacturers, retailers to label "genetically engineered" foods as such; state, citizens enforce.

These two issues are very important to me as I am a huge advocate for the ending of cannabis prohibition; I am also strongly against genetically modified organisms, especially in our food chain. 

I had the chance to have a surprisingly agreeable conversation with Oregon State Senate libertarian party candidate Mike Montchalin from Pendleton Oregon about these two bills and the war on drugs among other current Oregon politics:

Brandon Krenzler- You are part of the Libertarian Party, What in your view is a libertarian?

Mike Montchalin- The Libertarian Party was founded in 1971 in opposition to the War in Vietnam, and in opposition to Nixon's Wage & Price Controls.  Libertarian party origins are a split in the Republican Party.  In essence it is a split between those who are going to make us do what they think is good for us -and- those who are not so presumptuous as to think we know what is good for other people.

Bk- What ultimately led you step off the citizen sidelines and run for office as an Oregon State Senator?

MM- I view myself as backup plan and am willing to fill in where needed.  I had no idea I would be near the top of the ticket.  I was asked by a couple of big shots in the Libertarian Party of Oregon. It was the day before the Libertarian Primary, so I asked my wife if she thought it was a good idea, she said "yes."  So I said, "Yes."

Bk- What is your position on Measure 88? Driving privileges with requiring proof of legal presence in the USA?

MM- I think 88 is Driving Card, just in the state of Oregon without Documentation. I AM FOR IT. I do not like things that enlarge the government, or add to its complexity, or adds lines of print in the law.  But this is about people who are undocumented and in many cases have families, jobs, and homes.  So I generally will bend in the direction of compassion.

Bk- Oregon's Measure 91 would allow the possession, manufacture and sale of Cannabis to adults 21 and over. What is your official position on Measure 91?

MM- This measure is k like the Drivers Card Measure in the sense that I don't like more laws, more regulation.  I don't like the government getting rich off of taxation of cannabis.  In spite of all of these bad things about the measure, I am bending towards compassion and hope it keeps people out of jail... or out of prison.

Bk- How are you going to vote on measure 91?

MM- I will vote yes on it.  Unfortunately my vote won't count any more than anyone else’s....

Bk- If you were elected as Oregon Senator, would you support the ending of federal cannabis prohibition?

MM- OH yes!  I would support the end of cannabis prohibition.

Bk- Do you have a statement about the War on Drugs as a whole?

MM- You know, some people act as though legalization, or decriminalization, means they have to use it.  That is not so.  For instance I do not use marijuana.  Even so, I can see the injustice of this War on drugs which even includes marijuana. All it means is the government can't jail people for growing, distributing, using, etc. Yes; I oppose the entire war on drugs.  If that war went away, Mexico will return to being a very safe place. If the war on drugs does not go away, America will become a very violent place as the country is divided up into profit centers. On a side note, about "regulation" it is amazing to me how the Cannabis world has changed since the sixties and all of these “things” have been discovered.

Bk- Measure 92- would require food manufacturers/retailers to label GMO foods.  What are your feelings about this Measure?

MM- The problem with GMOs is that the companies contaminating fields and non-GMO plants are being held harmless by existing legislation.  I do not feel comfortable, myself. MY thinking is that the government overseeing labeling is not trustworthy.  So it has to be the market place that demands GMO free food.So I am against GMO labeling just because I don't want government oversight and thing the market will deal with it. I have a real problem with thing & think.

Bk- Do you feel that the average consumer may better equip themselves to demand gmo free, by opting out of purchasing based upon labeling?

MM- Well, I'm thinking of an example: say taco shells.  Say it is labeled GMO-free in a regulated world, I do not know if we can trust the label, the government regulators, or if the fines would be REAL, or just a cost of business. I am Leary of relegating oversight to the government, or to the manufacturer.  The best watchdog would be the consumer. When I think back to the 1960s, it wasn't the government that declared the Ford Pinto "Unsafe at Any Speed," it was Ralph Nader, a non-governmental Consumer advocate.

Bk- On Oregon public radio it was discussed that this year’s election has gained the highest amount of newly registered voters than ever before, even stating a number as high as 50,000 from September to October. Do you think that measure 91 and 92 are behind the increase?

M- 91 & 92 could very well be the reason for an influx of new voters, but the State spent a lot of money sending out "update your voter registration" postcards.  As a result of that, as a result of me updating my registration, they sent me two ballots.  Of course I will only use one! It would be nice to take a real life survey to see if people registered for the purpose of voting 91 or 92.  I know people who it is really important to.

Bk- What are some of your goals as a Senator?

MM- I am anti-war from way back, and always have been. 1) End American Aggression 2) Close down a lot of the Federal Agencies and Institutions that make life miserable for everyone. 3) More than 50% of the land in Oregon is under Federal Ownership and (mismanagement) I would like it transferred over into state ownership. 4) I am Free-Market and would like to get rid of all of the non-market subsidies and taxes and incentives. 5) Way too many people are in prison.  Vices are not crimes.  A lot of people need to be freed.  What I accomplish will depend on the number of Libertarians that get elected.

My vote is yes on measure 91 and measure 92. Vote yes on matters that benefit others- vote with compassion.

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